Name: Philip Broughton
Age: 35
Profession: Public Service

I have been training at Ultra Boxing for the last two years, prior to starting I’d never even considered boxing before. But after searching the Internet and coming across Ultra Boxing’s website I decided to give it a go. The gym is well equipped with everything that you need to train and learn. I found John to be very welcoming, he is very knowledgeable and passionate about boxing and he is able to adapt his training style to suite. Primarily I was only interested in improving my fitness and having John as my personal trainer over this time I have definitely noticed a huge difference, my stomach and arms are much more toned and I have definitely noticed my fitness level improve.

Name: Hannah Capocci
Age: 33
Profession: Web Designer

I started training with John since February 2011 and have not looked back since. I initially contacted John as I wanted to try something new and challenging that would help me to tone up, get fit and increase my upper body strength. Boxing does all this and more. I have become so much more confident since starting my lessons and have even started doing some light sparring which I really enjoy and never thought I would do. I have also become so much stronger in a short amount of time even just going once a week. I was nervous at first as boxing is a very male-dominated sport but the one to one classes are at your own pace and ability and you never feel out of place.

The classes are varied and don’t get boring or repetitive. John is an excellent instructor who is very motivating and encouraging and constantly pushes you to achieve your goals and challenge your self.

Name: Andrew Elkington
Age: 36
Profession: Solicitor

Ultra Boxing was recommended to me by a friend three years ago. I was looking for a way to get fit but had tried the usual routes of going to the gym and just doing the old thing’s and not really seeing any results. I was a little bit apprehensive as I had not done anything like this before. I shouldn’t of been, right from the first session I was put at ease. John showing enormous patience, you could of said I had two left hands!

I found each session structured, fun and always learning and improving my boxing skills and unlike most gym workouts a real sense of achievement afterwards. Also coupled with a great workout and learning boxing skills I found John very knowledgeable about all things boxing, fitness and injuries. Also helping with my diet and also recommending equipment and supplements to help me. I would recommend Ultra Boxing to anyone, any age and any ability.

Name: Paul Spooner
Age: 50
Profession: Electrical Construction

I started training at Ultra Boxing around two years ago. I was 44 at the time and had put on a few extra pounds, 14 to be exact. I knew I had to do something but was struggling to find something that excited me enough to keep me motivated. I was recommended Ultra Boxing by a friend. I was sceptical at first; I suppose I thought a boxing gym would be an intimidating place to be, especially as I was no boxer.

I could not have been more wrong. I was met by John the owner of the club. We spoke about what I wanted to achieve at which point he assured that if I listened to him and was willing to put in the effort I could achieve anything.

I was struck by the knowledge John has, he tailors everything to suit what you want. I wanted to lose weight and tone up. He designed a series of routines to help me do this. he also advised me of a diet could follow to help me shed those extra pounds. I can honestly say that within a couple of weeks my body was starting to change. Within three months I had lost a stone in weight and was seriously toning up.

I really enjoy the training sessions. John changes the routines week by week so your body never gets used to the same exercise and you never become bored.

I have never done anything quite like this before and my only regret is that I had not discovered this years earlier.

I am now 46 and have maintained a constant weight of 11 stone 7 pounds. I am probably fitter and faster than I was when I was in my twenties and that is down to the training method’s and advice passed on to me by John

Name: Darren Rungapadiachy
Age: 33
Profession: Learning & Dev

I am massively fitter now than before I started training at Ultra Boxing. I generally have more energy than before and my reflexes are faster. I also have lost a ton of weight and toned up!

Everybody at Ultra Boxing, trainers and boxers, are really friendly and fun to be around. There’s a real sense of camaraderie. It really makes you feel at ease.

I’ve tried many types of exercise – regular gym visits, running, swimming but none have come close to how much of a workout boxing sessions are. If you want to lose weight or get fit and learn a lot about yourself in the process, you’ve got to try Ultra Boxing.

I’m excited to get good enough to take part in an actual bout. Each session feels like I’m getting fitter and better and it will be great to see that in action!

Name: Darren Rungapadiachy
Age: 48
Profession: Construction

Since boxing at Ultra, my fitness has vastly improved and I have a much better understanding of boxing in all its forms. I have learned to appreciate the dedication and commitment the sport requires to compete. I am achieving a better level of fitness and learning the art of boxing while also looking better physically and feeling better within myself.

I am enjoying every aspect of training, although for me, learning the boxing skills is the most rewarding. There is always a friendly and professional atmosphere and a coaching staff that are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

I would recommend Ultra to anyone wanting to improve their boxing, fitness, lose weight and tone up. For me it’s done all of these things and more. If you’re thinking of starting boxing (any age) don’t hesitate, I couldn’t recommend it more.

Name: Jackie Anderson
Age: 48
Profession: Personal Assistant

I have had many gym memberships in my time and as always have gradually given them up through boredom. I really look forward to my sessions with Jordan, I look at it as going to see someone who has become a friend and then who trains me until I am fit to drop…awesome! We have a good laugh and a catch up and I get fit and toned at the same time. The training schedule is always different and you never know what is coming next.

This is a very enjoyable way to get fit quickly. You have to work hard; encouragement is always on hand just to squeeze that bit extra out of you but it is amazing fun. For a woman I feel that in a difficult situation I could now defend myself if I had to which gives me confidence when out and about. The guys are all so friendly and happy and the club is a very welcoming place to be. It is not a macho sweat gym, it has a great vibe, I couldn’t recommend it enough.

I am looking forward to increasing my body strength further and also continuing to watch the weight drop without dieting. I am looking forward to improving techniques already learned and learning more as I go. Most of all I am looking forward to more fun and fitness.

Name: Luke Chamberlain
Age: 26
Profession: Personal Assistant

In my first few months at Ultra Boxing I have lost close to 12kg in weight, my cardio has vastly improved and I feel stronger than ever before. In general day to day life I feel more confident and alert. I have so much more energy than before I started training.

As a long term follower of combat sports I enjoy the process of learning and refining the techniques involved with boxing. The drills and methods in which these are taught is always varied which keeps me fully involved and keeps classes fresh and stimulating.

I would recommend Ultra Boxing to anyone, I am a shy person at heart but instantly felt welcome. The instructors do a great job of tailoring the sessions to your needs and personal limits/level.

I am really looking forward to further improving my fitness, losing more body fat and sculpting a leaner, stronger body. I have recently been introduced to light sparring which I thoroughly enjoy and I look forward to applying more and more of the skills I have learnt into these sessions.

Name: Julian, Tom and George
Age: 48, 15, 18
Profession: Personal Assistant

Since we started at Ultra Boxing we have seen our all-round fitness improvement, better recovery time, and a lot more muscle definition and shape. We always have a great time training; you will never do another exercise where time goes by so quick!

We really enjoy the combination of varied physical challenges, technical as well as strenuous. We never go home without learning something new or without a smile on our faces! The music choice at the club is brilliant.

It’s an amazing way to get yourself fit, improve your confidence and have some fun with excellent enthusiastic tuition. Jordan and John have been excellent instructors making the sessions fun and challenging.

We are all looking to further improve our boxing skills and fitness, and there is no better place than Ultra Boxing. We really feel we are improving, Thank you Ultra Boxing!

Name: Andy Graves
Age: 52
Profession: Personal Assistant

Goals (reason for training) : Keep Fit, De-Stress

What benefits have you seen/felt from your training at ULTRA BOXING? Fitter than I have ever been, stronger, sharper

Most enjoyable part of training at ULTRA BOXING? I enjoy every part of it – the physical fitness and the technical side of boxing

Why would you recommend ULTRA BOXING to others?

The coaches are superb, will push you as hard as you want to achieve your goals – in a friendly and un-intimidating environment.

What are you looking forward to in the future with ULTRA BOXING? Moving from two sessions a week to three, continue to learn and get ULTRA FIT!!!

Any recommendations?

Yes book your one to one session with John or Jordan asap – you won’t regret it!!!