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John Machin

John is the head coach at  Hucknall Boys Boxing Club and has over ten years experience, competing himself. He has been a qualified England Boxing Coach for around eight years and specialises in boxing technique and fitness.


John doesnt compete anymore so he can give full attention to training others. Since John set up Hucknall Boys Boxing Club they have gone from strength to strength developing some of the best boxers in the Midlands and bringing the club much success. If you want to further your career as a boxer John is a great person to further your boxing skills.


Johns other passion is teaching boxing for others to enjoy and to use as a tool for confidance, weightloss, toning up and meeting your specific needs.


He has a long list of happy customers (check testermonial page) who really enjoy training with him at the same time always aim at meeting specific goals.


Training with John is hard work whilst being enjoyable, he is very easy to get on with and has great knowledge of nutrition and is happy to provide any dietary advice.

To book a one to one with John call 078 756 904 96 or register on the sign up page.




Jordan began boxing at the age of ten, straight away it was obvious that he had a natural talent. Jordan has been improving his boxing skills ever since, being trained by John Machin over the years.


Jordan still competes so he knows what it takes to be a boxer. The vast knowledge that Jordan has acquired is now provided to you in a enjoyable friendly manor. Jordan has great people skills and really enjoys teaching the art of boxing. He is very successful with his customers (see the testimonial page) and regularly helps them to attain their desired goals.


Jordan brings energy to the training sessions and loves motivating people, he is a great addition to Ultra Boxing and were really happy to have him on board.


He provides a great variety to training methods. This keeps his customers excited so they always look forward to their next session whilst at the same time monitoring their ever improving results.



To book a one to one with Jordan call 078 756 904 96 or register on the sign up page.

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